Tzintzun Aguilar-Izzo (elle | their)
Tzintzuni is an environmental artist-scholar and movement weaver. They view every art-form as an act of storytelling, and every story told a revolutionary action. Tzintzun strives to tell the stories of a new shared reality; stories that can serve as bridges, linkages for the people who are fighting to create an ecocentric and just future.

In recent years, Tzintzuni has collaborated with their art and life partner,  Blake Lavia. As part of the collective Talking Wings, they are currently working with communities across Kaniatarowanneneh (St. Lawrence River) Watershed to create a Bill of Rights and Responsibilities for the regions waterways.
As part of Talking Wings, they have organized two environmental conferences in the Kaniatarowanneneh Watershed: The North Country Rights of Nature Symposium and North Country Art, Land and Environment Summit. During these events, community members from across the region came together to discuss sustainable and regenerative solutions for the climate crises.
 In addition, Talking Wings is currently weaving together stories of rivers and their defenders from around the world in Confluence: A Tapestry of Rivers and their Guardians.

Previously, Blake and Tzintzun collaborated together on Memory Flow / Water of Boston. The project explored the layers of history hidden under the Quabbin Reservoir (Nipmuc Territory), source of Boston’s drinking water. During this project, Tzintzun and Blake coordinated multiple exhibitions and organized a weekend long conference/conversation with settler and Indigenous community members.  
In addition, Tzintzun and Blake's short films and installations have been exhibited in a number of venues, such as the Wild Center Centro per l'Arte Contemporanea Luigi Pecci,  The ROAR Magazine, the Richard F. Brush Art Gallery, the TAUNY Center,  the Godine Family Gallery/MassArt, and the K&P New York Gallery

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