River Weaver, Ink and Gold-leaf, 2021

Tzintzun Aguilar-Izzo (elle | their)
My name is, Tzintzuni, and I am a Xicanex environmental storymaker and movement weaver, residing as a settler on Kanien'kehá:ka (Mohawk) Territory. I am part of the Kaniatarowanénhne (Upper St. Lawrence River) Watershed, and live along the banks of my friend and guardian, Akwesasne (St. Regis River).
My ancestors are a rainbow of cultures and landscapes; resisting, partaking in, and suffering the violence colonization, migration, and the systemic injustices of an imperialistic global economy. I am their legacy, the legacy of ancestral rape, exploitation, and the attempted destruction of Indigenous nations, and their forced assimilation by hegemonic superpowers. In attempting to navigate this complex actuality, I strive to understand and live this history, while honoring my grandmothers and grandfathers, and the land and water that made them one. We are all part of the living being of this continent, of Earth, an ecosystem of energy, ideas and memories that weave/breathe through our lungs. We are their tapestry, and I personally, act to in honor of all my ancestors (human and beyond). 

I am currently working as part of Talking Rivers, Inc., to weave together communities across Kaniatarowanénhne (St. Lawrence River) Watershed and advocate for the Rites (Rights) of the regions Rivers.
In recent years, I have collaborated with my art and life partner,  Blake Lavia. As part of the environmental storytelling collective Talking Wings, we have organized environmental conferences in the Kaniatarowanénhne
Watershed: The North Country Rights of Nature Symposium,  North Country Art, Land and Environment Summit, the Listening to Water Symposium, and WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER. During these events, community members from across the region, and the world, came together to celebrate and protect ecosystems and their communities.
 In addition, Talking Rivers is currently uniting stories of Rivers and their defenders from around the world in Confluence: A Tapestry of Rivers and their Guardians.
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